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stop tolae

of the UPD
Union for People's Democracy

On October 11
People from a few EU countries,
Swiss Sweden Norway German France Denmark
met because they were fed up
with continuing abuse of people basic rights to think and to speak

In Thailand, governments use lèse-majesté laws known as Article 112
to threaten and to silence.

We have been almost screwed up.
Some bad minded individuals are trying to pretend we are playing dirty with money

We support the Nitthirasadorn Group

Nobody speaks in our name, we don't have any secretary,

We are a de facto association, using freedom of association to meet and to speak according to the Belgian law

stop112The true UPD committee is not asking for any contributionstop112

Beware some people want to play with your hope and money

dont give them a dime

The Union's Committee lost any of its remnant Thainess
We have a person who accepted being in the front, she is not alone, we are all next to her solidarly.
So many countries are hosting us we feed ourselves to their struggles for democracy
We don't need to export thainess in our relationships
We are ashame so many people are allready out there to beg money in our name!