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ICC update in Thailand

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There is not much new under this sun.
People are strugling relentlessly for their rights and freedom
So many at the cost of their life

Some remain anonymous, while some had the time to write down
    their life, their view, their dreams
Here is our contribution to their works unearthing their memories

We offer you to download two works in Thai language

by Chawintr SraKham & Krabisakdi : Lift_the-Mask_of_the_CIA
เปิดหน้ากากซี.ไอ.เอ. ชวินทร์ สระคำ + กระบี่ศักดิ์

by Chawintr SraKham
: CIA_Bad_ behavior_Unwise_behaviour_of_Thai_people
พฤติกรรมชั่วของซี.ไอ.เอ. พฤติกรรมโฉดของคนไทย
บันทึกชิ้นสุดท้ายของ ชวินทร์ สระคำ

Thai-language version of Thailand Unhinged: The Death of Thai-Style Democracy.(full text)
ดาวน์โลด “เทวาสายัณห์: มรณกรรมของประชาธิปไตยแบบไทย”(.pdf, 186 หน้า, 1.3 MB)

A working paper in English By Federico Ferrara
L'tat, ce n'est plus moi: Popular Sovereignty and. Citizenship over a Century of Thai Political Development

on Thainess

A lot of goodies


Henley on passivity

Anderson Benedict

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On September 19th 2011, the UPD sent a letter to all the Members of the European Parliament in Brussels, who have shown themselves concerned by the bloody crashdown of 2010 protests. They were signing a letter wich conducted to the 20 May 2010 European Parliament resolution on Thailand. UPD reminded the MEP to keep attention to the evolution regarding Human Rights, Information rights and journalists killings... More