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stop tolae

ICC update in Thailand

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People from a few EU countries  (Swiss, Sweden, Norway, German, France, Denmark
, Belgium,...)
met because they were fed up with continuing abuse of people basic rights to think and to speak

In their
Thailand home, governments use lèse-majesté laws known as Article 112
to threaten and to silence people.

  We support the Nitthirasadorn Group
Nobody speaks in our name, we don't have any secretary,
We are a de facto association (explanations in Thai), using freedom of association to meet and to speak (Belgian Law in French)

stop112The true UPD committee is not asking for any contributionstop112
Beware some people want to play with your hope and money
dont give them a dime

Khun Prim Masrinuan nicely forwarded a speech given in Thammasat last 23 Januari 2011
by ICC Vice-President, Judge Dr. Jur. H. C. Hans-Peter KAUL.
new document   Download the speech
new document   Download Thaipress related cuts (Courtesy of Judge Dr. Jur. H. C. Hans-Peter KAUL
We focus on abolishing LM 112 and on the release of all LM prisoners

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